Mozilla Ubiquity Development

If you are a firefox user, I would highly recommend checking out the ubiquity plugin.

Head on over to the Ubiquity page at mozilla labs and check it out, or, if you like your pixels modulated, below is a youtube video summary from the developer. (link in case the embedded video fails)

A blog post with ROT13-ed user comments inspired me to have my first go at coding for ubiquity.

It turns out, even for someone who is a javascript amateur, it's pretty darned easy.

One of the great features of ubiquity is that it lets you automate changes to a web page in place. Where this really shines is in translating a part of a page between different languages and seeing the result on the original page, preserving the layout and images.

If you have ubiquity installed, and head over to this page you will be asked as to whether or not you want to install my ROT13 ubiquity command. Don't worry, you'll have to click the "subscribe" button, view the source, and confirm again before anything actually gets installed. You can click "subscribe", view the source and still choose not to install anything.

If you do install it, you'll be able to select some text, hit super-space (or whatever you've setup for ubiquity), type rot13, "enter" and presto, the text is translated in place on the page.

Lbh xabj lbh jnag gb.

Yeah,this particular function is kind of banal, but it taught me a few things, allowing me to go from zero to working plugin in about 30 minutes. Any day where you learn something is a good day.

I'm not entirely sure, but this Internet thing might just catch on.


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